Results of RT will be declared here. Generally, it takes us upto 12 hours to compile the result, but in most cases, we declare it by 6pm on the same day after conducting the test.

35 Model students showing "Victory Sign" during an interaction after the examination

Enthusiastic Students after taking the MAT at 35 Model School, Chandigarh

Students are informed on SMS about the compilation of the results as soon as they are put online. After that, candidates will have to put their Roll Nos. in the provided field. Name, Marks / Result and remarks / position of the candidate are displayed.

You can CHECK YOUR RESULT by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “Results

  1. monika

    hi jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Admin

    Hi Nidhi, we would require more information about you. We have sent you an email at the mail ID you provided.

  3. NIDHI

    can i know my roll no. again.i have forgotten it.pllllllllllllllllzzz.

  4. Admin

    Well, we believe that you are unhappy with your result… Is it? Don’t worry even if you couldn’t score high marks, this was just a small practice test. We wish you good luck for your future!

    – Admin



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