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Following are the Real Test Roll No. for Class XII -A, XII- B, XII- C
Real Test held on 20.12.2010 at GMSSS- Mani Majra

Class XII Class
Roll No.
Name of
Roll No.
XII-A 3 Rupa ACJ003
XII-A 4 Mona ACJ004
XII-A 5 Vineeta Chandel ACJ005
XII-A 6 Rosy Chauhan ACJ006
XII-A 7 Pooja ACJ007
XII-A 8 Nikita ACJ008
XII-A 9 Sheena ACJ009
XII-A 10 Varinder Saini ACJ010
XII-A 11 Richa Sharma ACJ011
XII-A 12 Roop ACJ012
XII-A 13 Shilpa Goyal ACJ013
XII-A 14 Priyanka Swami ACJ014
XII-A 15 Chetna ACJ015
XII-A 16 Payal bansal ACJ016
XII-A 19 Shubangini ACJ019
XII-A 21 Dimple Swami ACJ021
XII-A 23 Nikita Goyal ACJ023
XII-A 24 Gurshabd Kaur ACJ024
XII-A 25 Tanvi priya ACJ025
XII-A 28 Aditi Gandhi ACJ028
XII-A 31 Arushi ACJ031
XII-A 35 Himani ACJ035
XII-A 37 Aakriti ACJ037
XII-A 38 Santosh  Singh ACJ038
XII-A 39 Mohit Goyal ACJ039
XII-A 40 Vasu Gaur ACJ040
XII-A 42 Sushil Aryal ACJ042
XII-A 43 Vishal kaushal ACJ043
XII-A 44 Rohit Rawat ACJ044
XII-A 46 Shubham Mittal ACJ046
XII-A 48 Harsh Gautam ACJ048
XII-A 49 Anurag ACJ049
XII-A 51 Vipin ACJ051
XII-A 53 Saurav ACJ053
XII-A 54 Gaurav Goyal ACJ054
XII-A 55 Aayush Singla ACJ055
XII-A 56 Abhishek ACJ056
XII-A 57 Piyush ACJ057
XII-A 61 Nitish Agarwal ACJ061
XII-A 62 Sandish Sahdev ACJ062
XII-A 64 Ajay ACJ064
XII-B 1 Diksha Goyal ACH001
XII-B 2 Ravneet kaur ACH002
XII-B 4 Bhavya ACH004
XII-B 6 Rohini ACH006
XII-B 8 Payal ACH008
XII-B 11 Priyanka ACH011
XII-B 12 Yantisha ACH012
XII-B 15 Ankita ACH015
XII-B 19 Rachna ACH019
XII-B 20 Rani ACH020
XII-B 22 Pankaj ACH022
XII-B 23 Gurpreet ACH023
XII-B 25 Akhilesh  Arya ACH025
XII-B 26 Sahil Garg ACH026
XII-B 28 Ishaan Bassi ACH028
XII-B 29 Videsh Vapshi ACH029
XII-B 30 Akhilesh  Goyal ACH030
XII-B 33 Gurwinder Singh ACH033
XII-B 34 Aman Aggarwal ACH034
XII-B 36 Akshit Monga ACH036
XII-B 37 Amardeep ACH037
XII-B 38 Pranay Sharma ACH038
XII-B 39 Sarthak Bakshi ACH039
XII-B 41 Mohit Sharma ACH041
XII-B 42 Rupinder Singh ACH042
XII-B 44 Raman Raj ACH044
XII-B 45 Ashish Kumar ACH045
XII-B 46 Sahil Sahni ACH046
XII-B 49 Nimit Bedi ACH049
XII-B 52 Sahil Bindal ACH052
XII-C 1 Tanvi Dhir ACH053
XII-C 2 Isha Sharma ACH054
XII-C 3 Komal   Saini ACH055
XII-C 4 Monica Sandhu ACH056
XII-C 8 Deepti Sharma ACH060
XII-C 9 Bhoomiti Karan ACH061
XII-C 10 Kanchan ACH062
XII-C 11 Payal  Rana ACH063
XII-C 13 Rupsi ACH065
XII-C 14 Geetika ACH066
XII-C 15 Ekta ACH067
XII-C 16 Divya Prashar ACH068
XII-C 17 Mitashi Sharma ACH069
XII-C 18 Tanvi Sood ACH070
XII-C 19 Simranjot  Kaur ACH071
XII-C 22 Ekta ACH074
XII-C 23 Manav ACH075
XII-C 24 Bhaanuj Sood ACH076
XII-C 27 Milan Sharma ACH079
XII-C 29 Arun Bhalla ACH081
XII-C 30 Vikrant  Dhain ACH082
XII-C 32 Ishant Goyal ACH084
XII-C 35 Divanshu Sharma ACH087
XII-C 36 Vatan Garg ACH088
XII-C 42 Saurabh ACH094
XII-C 47 Rajat ACH099
XII-C 48 Kartik ACH100
XII-C 49 Aman ACH101

The students can check their results by entering the RT Roll No. in the Results Section.

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